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Health and Wellbeing

Children thrive when their emotional and physical needs are met, ensuring health and well-being.


We promote healthy eating through our café type Snack time at Preschool. Snack time is available to all children once in the morning and once in the afternoon. We ring a bell to announce that the snack café is open, and then children come to the table to sit down and select their fruit and water/milk.

In this way we do not interrupt their play and they are able to make choices about what they would like to eat. We offer a variety of fruit, salad and vegetables; such as tomatoes, cucumber, peppers and carrots. We rely on your donations of fruits and vegetables to keep the café going.

We always clean the table before the café opens and the children are encouraged to wash their own bowl and cup when they’ve finished.

We ask that every child brings a labelled water bottle to preschool each day so that they have access to fresh drinking water throughout their day.

If your child stays at preschool for a whole day session they will need to bring a named packed lunch box. We can provide you with some healthy lunch ideas if you need them. Try not to put too much food in the lunch box! We try to store lunch boxes away from heaters but it is helpful if you can place an ice pack in the bottom of your child’s lunch box to keep the food cool.

We can also offer a cooked school dinner to those children who are staying the whole day please let a member of staff know each morning if your child requires a school dinner or if it is on a permanent basis. School dinners cost £2.58 each. As Greenmount is a ‘Healthy School’ we ask that you don’t send in any sweets in lunch boxes.

We would ask that you do not provide your child with nuts or foods likely to contain nuts such as chocolate spreads, since some children have severe nut allergies.


We support any children needing nappy changing facilities and ensure privacy.

If your child wears a nappy, you will need to bring in nappies and wipes in a named bag. We will keep records of when we have changed your child.

We encourage all children to wash their hands after using the toilet and make sure the toilets are kept clean with daily checks.

If a child is being toilet trained, staff will work with you and your child to aid this process. We ask that you provide lots of changes of clothes if you are toilet training your child.



Please do not bring your child into Preschool if they are ill. If they have a tummy bug they should not return to Preschool until 48 hours after the last time they were sick or had diarrhoea. In this way we can try to ensure other children do not become ill too.

If your child becomes unwell during the day we will contact you and ask you to collect them.


If your child is unwell and not able to attend Preschool, please telephone or let us know as soon as possible how long they will be away.


If your child has an accident at Preschool, all the details will be recorded in the Accident Book. Your child’s name will be highlighted on the register and Parents/Carers will be asked to sign the book at collection time. If the accident is of a serious nature or a head injury, we will contact you straight away by telephone.

Medicines/First Aid

If your child requires medicine while they are attending Preschool you will need to collect and complete a form from preschool to give your permission for staff to administer the medicine. The form asks you to state name, dose and storage arrangements for the medicine.  Medicines will be safely stored in a fridge or cabinet.

We have first-aiders in the setting who are trained to administer basic paediatric first aid and deal with accidents in the setting. For further information please speak to a member of staff.

Please apply sun protection and provide a sun hat for your child before arrival during the summer months, if your child attends all day please provide clearly labelled sun cream so that we can reapply this.

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