"Together we nurture the future"
St Vincent Road, Ryde, Isle of Wight, PO33 3PT
Main: 01983 562165
Pre-School: 01983 613189

School Values

At Greenmount Community Primary School, we aim to:

  • Educate and provide opportunities for every child to reach their maximum potential
  • Provide a stimulating, safe and caring environment
  • Value each child as an individual and celebrate their learning and achievements
  • Ensure that all children leave us equipped with the skills and attitudes needed to face the future with confidence
  • Work with families to make sure that children are happy, safe and well supported 
  • Be a key part of the local community and give all of our children opportunities to be active members

To achieve this, we guarantee to:

  • Involve parents and carers in all aspects of children’s life at school
  • Inform parents and carers each term of their children’s progress and achievements, through written reports and parental consultation meetings
  • Assess all children regularly to ensure that the curriculum they are offered is fine tuned to help them to make good progress
  • Provide quality support for children who find learning difficult or who have particular talents, and timely support for children who are finding life challenging, and to keep parents and carers informed of progress made in tackling these difficulties
  • Be firm, fair and consistent in all aspects of behaviour and to inform parents and carers if issues arise
  • Provide a safe, clean and well-resourced environment where children feel secure and respected, allowing them to develop their personality appropriately
  • Provide a stimulating curriculum for all children, including off-site activities and trips, with residential opportunities for those in years 4, 5 and 6.

The learning community at Greenmount has a clear set of values –

In all that we do in this learning community, we work to ensure the enthusiasm and enjoyment of all learners, from the youngest to the oldest; children and their families, staff and governors. We seek to develop each individual’s.  In all that we do in this learning community, we work to ensure the progress, achievement, enthusiasm and enjoyment of all learners.

We seek to develop each individual’s –

  • confidence in themselves and their abilities
  • desire to learn and achieve their potential
  • resilience – ability to persevere and practice
  • growing sense of aspiration and passion for challenge
  • understanding of spirituality – their own feelings, philosophies and beliefs, and those of others
  • respect – for themselves, for their community and for the wider worldThese values are promoted through a curriculum founded on developing people’s creativity, curiosity and independence, their ability to collaborate, to think flexibly and coherently and to build strong skills and life-long knowledge.

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