"Together we nurture the future"
St Vincent Road, Ryde, Isle of Wight, PO33 3PT
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The curriculum at Greenmount is grounded in the school’s mission statement – ‘together, we nurture the future’ -and clearly stated values:

In all that we do in this learning community, we work to ensure the progress, achievement, enthusiasm and enjoyment of all learners. We seek to develop each individual’s:

  • confidence in themselves and their abilities
  • desire to learn and achieve their potential
  • resilience – ability to persevere and practice
  • growing sense of aspiration and passion for challenge
  • understanding of spirituality – their own feelings, philosophies and beliefs, and those of others
  • respect – for themselves, for their community and for the wider world

These values are promoted through a curriculum founded on developing people’s creativity, curiosity and independence, their ability to collaborate, to think flexibly and coherently and to build strong skills and life-long knowledge.

We firmly believe that achievement is possible for all children, regardless of their starting points or current ability and governors both challenge and support school leaders and their staff to ensure this through the delivery of a nurturing curriculum that is adapted to need, allowing all children to be included.

The key skill we wish for our children is that they can think – critically and for themselves.  The creativity and flexibility of our curriculum allows this to deepen throughout the school, encouraging questioning, research, collaboration and links between areas of learning and knowledge.

Based on a thorough and moderated knowledge of expected standards, the curriculum at Greenmount aims to deliver the National Curriculum as a core and is built around children’s needs and interests, developing them into rounded and capable individuals with high levels of self-belief, tenacity and aspiration.  Teachers and support staff work together within a nurturing, supportive environment to make learning as real, as interesting and as purposeful as possible.

We provide exciting and memorable opportunities to enhance learning through:

  • high quality experiences
  • purposeful lessons that deepen understanding
  • bespoke visitors and visits – day and residential, on and off Island
  • focused curriculum days and weeks supporting a range and combination of subjects including performing/Visual Arts, Science, Religious Education, Maths and English
  • focused and flexible approaches to learning, supporting groups and individuals at all levels of learning
  • opportunities to develop metacognitive strategies within all learning and school experiences

Children’s learning is further enhanced through the provision of additional opportunities, ranging from art, design, dance and music to a range of sports activities.  The school enables children to take part in a wide range of community activities springing from these, including local dance and singing festivals, Mardi Gras processions and many varied sporting fixtures.  We are proud to be a platinum Sports Mark school, reflecting the excellence of provision at Greenmount.

The curriculum at Greenmount continues to develop as the expectation of schools and the needs of the children in our community change.  We constantly work to further develop teaching pedagogy and opportunities to enhance children’s social, emotional and academic learning as part of a broad, rich and nurturing curriculum entitlement.

Underpinning all of this is continuing work to maintain and develop accurate moderation and assessment, deepening subject knowledge and a commitment to securing age related expectations for all children in all areas.

For further information on our curriculum, see the links below:

For information on how the curriculum is made accessible for those with disabilities and special educational needs, please see our SEND page.

To find out more about the curriculum our school is following, please contact us on 01983 612980 or by email at contactus@greenmount.iow.sch.uk.


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