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This Week in Year 5

In Hockey Class, we have been developing our debating skills. Below is one of the points of view that was shared.


The construction of the Berlin Wall began on the 13th August 1961 by The German Democratic Republic and took 3 months to build. It separated East and West Germany. Many people want-ed to leave East Germany because the conditions were horrific. However, the wall was built to stop East German refuges moving from East Germany to West Germany as West Germany did-n’t want to get overcrowded. As well as this, the East sided with the USSR (Russia) and the West sided with the USA (America). It was built to keep these two enemies separate from each other. I am now going to discuss why the Berlin Wall should or shouldn’t have been built and tell you why I felt like it was a bad idea.

Against the Wall – Why divide people from their loved ones?

I’m against the wall because it divides people. It will break friendships, families and end relation-ships. If I couldn’t see my friends ever again, I would be devastated. How would you feel? If we had a wall people would lose their jobs and they would end up with no money and feel as sad as the sunless sea at night.

For the Wall – Why fight, if you can stop it?

However, I can see why some people might want the wall. Having a wall, would stop the furious fighting and the civilians will feel fear, less scared and they can enjoy their natural environment. Also, millions of people wouldn’t die in war and America could help unite Germany.

Against the Wall – If we have a wall, how can the mistreated East German people be saved?

Even though a wall might stop the fighting, it does create a barrier between people. It was un-bearable for lots of them, it was like torture. They weren’t given good jobs, nice places to live and couldn’t go to super schools. The wall meant that these people were stuck and couldn’t seek refuge.


In conclusion, we have seen how and why the Berlin Wall was built and how it affected the Ger-man people. We understand how people became upset because they were separated from their loved ones even though, some people might feel fear and less scared with the wall, I feel that life would be better without a wall because it’s nicer for people to communicate than to fight.

Year 5 pupil

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