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This week in Year 1

We have been learning about the properties of different materials and had lots of fun investigating which materials are waterproof. We discovered that our science books weren’t!

We have also been learning about different types of toys and the materials with which they are made. We have learned that toys have changed since Grandparents and parents were small and we worked in groups to make a toy timeline.

In Maths we are learning that teen numbers are made up of a group of ten and some ones. We have been making numbers with base ten and numicon equipment and ordering them smallest to largest.

In English we have been reading the delightful story of a little girl called Emily Brown and her favourite toy rabbit. We have discussed our favourite toys and have drawn pictures of them. We have been describing toys and learning that describing words are called ‘ adjectives’. Soon we will be ready to make a poster to help Emily Brown when her favourite toy goes missing.

We had a lovely afternoon listening to Tchaikovsky’s ‘Nutcracker’ and watching some ballet before we read the story of ‘The Nutcracker’. We have designed a spoon dolly of a character from the story and will soon be making them in class.

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