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This week in Year 6

This week we have focused on writing WW2 postcards and becoming evacuees in our topic.  We have also created both series and parallel circuits in science.

In English and Maths we have enjoyed writing our formal newspaper reports and rounding numbers.  Here are some questions for you to try:

“If you had a 7 and put in the tens column and you round it to the nearest 100 and 1000 would it round up or down?” – by Xander

“If you have four cards with the numbers 1,7,8 and 2 on them what is largest number you can make?  If you round it to the nearest 1000 is it still the largest number?  Prove it!” – by Toby

“True or False?  If you place a six in the ones column, does it always round up when rounding to the nearest 10 and 100?  Can you prove it?” – by James

“Find the difference between 73,942 and 14,873 and then round that number to the nearest 10,000.  What is the answer?” – by Seb

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