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This Week in Year 5…

In both Year 5 classes this week, we have continued to develop maps of Antarctica where we have managed to combine Art with Computing. We have continued to program our BeeBots (Endurance) to travel safely through the hazardous conditions without damaging the ship. We have also made our expeditions even trickier by creating obstacles for our ships to go through – this has also helped us to look at 3D shapes/nets in Maths.

In English, we have been doing a range of acting/drama lessons. These lessons have helped us to get in the mind-set of a member of Shackleton’s crew. We have then started to write diary extracts, where we have been able to describe the crew member’s feelings, thoughts and emotions.

In Maths, Ayres class have looked at multiplying fractions and being able to find fractions of an amount. While Hockney class have continued to explore finding the volume of a cube or cuboid/ becoming really secure in be able to use long multiplication.

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