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This week in Year 6…

Year 6 has been working really hard this week.

English: We have been learning about the importance of using different language for effect (adverbials, noun phrases, powerful verbs, and figurative language) to enable us to write a descriptive and engaging setting for the opening of our story.

Maths: Year 6 have been learning about negative numbers in various context (temperature, underground buildings, money owed) and solving reasoning problems and puzzles.

Science: We have been learning about the components in a circuit. The children created different functioning circuits in their groups. If the circuit wasn’t working, the children were quick to fix the problem. Working together, they identified which component was responsible for the break in the flow of energy.

History: We were learning about the Blitz during WWII and how Britain was able to prevent these attacks. They will soon be writing an eye-witness account of the Blitz, discussing what people saw, felt and heard during the eleven weeks of the air raids.

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