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Triathlon Event

This week our sports teams were in action again in a Triathlon event held at Oakfield Primary School.

The event comprised a scoot/run/bike format with the 2 scooter riders  taking turns to complete a slalom course. They then ran to tag the first runner who raced around a 400 m running track to tag runner 2. This runner then tagged a cyclist who rode around the track to tag number 2 who raced around the track to the finish line to complete the triathlon. The teams raced in groups of 3 against a running clock.  There were 3 races in total with each team time added together to give an overall team time.

The children chose their own discipline to compete in but were able, where possible, to change this  for other races.

Greenmount B were placed in 1st position with a time of 16.09

Will Canning
Lucas Harbour
Carmen Menzies
Liam Egby
Aiden Clark
Seth Arnold

Greenmount A were 4th with a time of 16.59

Ryan Rowe
Olivia Davis
Charlotte Nettleton
Sophia Fairweather-Batchelor
Isla Vodden
Florence Singer

This event was very much a team effort with every competitor contributing towards the success of the team. Well done to everyone on a very hot afternoon.

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