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Sports Week Information

Sports Week – details

June is flying past and Sports Week will soon be upon us, bringing events for every year group and opportunities for everyone to shine in their favourite events. Parents are welcome to join us on the days of their children’s events – we hope to start in the mornings at around 9.15am and the afternoons will begin as soon as possible after 1.15pm.  If you’re coming to watch, don’t forget to bring some portable shade – we’ll do our best to keep the children cool, but I’m hoping for lovely weather.  There will be an opening ceremony for the children at the beginning of Monday afternoon with drumming and dancing; it may not be quite to World Cup/FIFA standards, but it would really help if all children had their house colour T shirts in school on Monday for the week.

Many thanks.

Monday 25th June            Reception classes in the afternoon 1.30 pm – 2.30pm,

                                                Followed by opening ceremony at 2.30pm – Parents Welcome

Tuesday 26th June           Years 3 and 4,  9.30am – 12noon Multi Sports competitions. 1.30pm onwards Athletics

Wednesday 27th June     Years 5 and 6  9.30am – 12noon Multi Sports competitions. 1.30pm onwards Athletics

Thursday 28th June         Years 1 and 2   9.30am – 12noon Multi Skills activities. 1.30pm onwards running races

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