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Diary of a classroom object

Last term in English, we focused on diary writing and the children chose an interesting outcome which was to write a diary entry about an object in the class. Below, are some of the children’s diary entry.

Diary of a day in the life of a Learning wall – by Seth

24th November 2017

Dear Sergio,

Today was another boring, boring day. I just sat there on the wall like every other learning wall, except I don’t have anything put on me. I’m a WORTHLESS old Egyptian learning wall. How I wish I was an English book or a Maths book, I mean even the GPS wall gets more action than me! At least, I’m not toilet paper. I’d get grossed out.

I felt like a heap of garbage on a wall. I’m REALLY interesting with my entire colour. Mr. Alabie ‘probably’ spent a couple of quid on me. I talked to my neighbour the Science wall and he said ‘Get something FUNNY put on you, dude, like my cute lion with his tongue sticking out!’ I mean really! I may as well get put in the bin anyways, I told the Science wall ‘Yeah, one problem, what’s funny in Ancient Egypt?’ he just said

‘I DUNNO? Their names?’

‘Fair enough.’ I said.

If what happened to me happens tomorrow, I’ll CRY. No-one will hear, apart from the other learning walls.

I DON’T think I’ll ever be used. It’s so not fair. I just feel so MISERABLE! Tomorrow I’m gonna get used, I wanna get used. It’s my destiny to get used. I even have the timeline around me. Well, at least Seth looks at me, for some REASON. I have loads of facts on me. Yes, Egyptians had weird names, but I’m cool. Suddenly ‘Sup?’ asked the Arithmetic wall ‘Nothin.’ I replied. I mean what have schools come to these days? This could be the end of me. R.I.P Egyptian learning wall.

I’ve learned that no matter how colourful you are, you don’t get used. I’ll go to sleep and HOPE Mr. Alabie’s mindset will change.

Yours sincerely,

Egypt learning wall


Diary of a day in the life of a Bin – by Charis

24th November 2017

Dear Strange item,

(You’re a very weird piece of rubbish, but I’ll keep my secrets in you, anyway.)

Today started off as a boring, miserable day, and Seth even put a couple of mints in me! Why does Monet even NEED me? I mean, they barely ever use me. I’m just a boring, boring bin, with nothing fun to do.

As I was gloomily brooding over my day, it surprisingly seemed that the day had passed pretty quickly, and the night was coming on. Derik (the caretaker) was busily and neatly sweeping up the classroom, whilst eagerly chatting to Mr. Alabie, who was looking very annoyed about something or the other. “Evening, Kiitan.” Derek chatted continuously, “Kids been good?” Then he came over to the sink, bent over me, and took the bin bag out of me!!!!!

I felt great! I felt proud! I felt wonderful! I felt beautiful! I felt… too grand for words! I shone a lovely navy blue colour, like a shimmering silver sea. BEST DAY EVER!!! I can’t describe in words how stunned I was. With the dark Science Wall flooding the class with his tears, the pencils ( Charlotte, Eleni, Charis, and Lydia) staring at me in amazement and awe, plus even the ENGLISH AND THE GPS WALLS STOPPED GLOATING, I obviously struck an impressive figure in front of them.

If this wonderful experience of colour and light were to happen again, I would probably be a little less proud, ‘cause straight afterwards, I fell right over whilst Derik was taking a new bin bag out of the pack and putting it in me. I overbalanced, wobbled, and CRASH! Everything laughed at poor me. The GPS wall laughed the hardest of all. “Proud people (and bins) have their fall, and now it’s happened to YOU!!!” she cackled horribly.

How self-pitying I felt as I lay there clashed upon the floor, with all my gazers laughing at me. I mean, HOW DARE THEY!! Even worse, the blackboard by the sink fell over me. I can now not describe how SAD I was feeling, this time. I dunno why I was SOOOOOOOOOO miserable, ’cause now (hours later) I know how FUN it was down there!

What I mean by fun was meeting Mike, Stanley and Severus (the mice from under the sink).

The first thing we did was stare at each other. Stanley broke the silence by shouting RUN!!! To his brothers. I then gave them my sad face, which makes EVERYBODY feel sorry for me, including mice. They stopped running and screaming, had a little whisper together, and asked me “Sup?” I told them my story, and they told theirs, and soon we were getting along like a house on fire. The mice cheered me up and entertained me, and GUESS WHAT THEY SAID TO ME? Guess? Well, they said that they were gonna pull me up! I was SO desperate to be up and well, so I really thought that they could do it, but of course, my hopes didn’t last for long.

Today’s experience has taught me that it doesn’t matter that mice are titchy, they can DEFINITELY help! Tomorrow I’m gonna play with my little buddies.

Yours truly,

GE (Garbage Eater)

Diary of a day in the life of a Pen – by Rudy

24th November 2017

Dear Tiger,

Yesterday was the most miserable day of my life. I was happily sitting in Rudy’s tray, in the middle of a really good nap, when all of a sudden everything turned really bright! I realised I was in Rudy’s hand, ready to be used, but then the world fell behind me and everything turned dark. Then I realised… I was under the cabinet! I could see Rudy’s hand centimetres away from me, but he couldn’t quite reach me. So that was how it ended, me under a cabinet.

It had been a few hours and I was still under there; I mean, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?!? No one had come to rescue me, and I thought all hopes were lost, but they weren’t! About 30 minutes later, I saw a blinding yellow light. They were looking for me!!! I was so excited I rolled even further back!

I was so upset. They could see me, but they couldn’t quite reach me. They weren’t even looking for another object to get me out. My friend the ruler could get me out. But after about 5 minutes of trying to get me out, they walked away. WHAT!?!?!  But I saw a ruler right next to me. He said hello to me, but I only managed a polite nod in return.

Then he asked my name, and I replied, “Vester.” There was silence for about 10 minutes. But then a loooong, thin stick poked in and got round behind me. I cried farewell to him as I was picked up.

Yesterday was a very miserable day and I hope I’m not going to be dropped again!!


Diary of a day in the life of a pencil – by Charlotte

24th November 2017

Dear Diary,

Yesterday, I was exhausted – so I couldn’t write in you; anyway, here’s what happened. I was just relaxing in the box with all the other pencils (Charis, Eleni, Lydia) when someone reached into the box, dug about a bit and pulled ME out!!! So unfair, I felt even more panic when the disagreeable person said, “Hmmmm this pencil doesn’t look sharp enough!” By her voice, I knew it was Natalia.

Luckily Mr. Alabie shouted “No more sharpening and SIT DOWN!!!!!” PHEW!!!!! I thought the danger was over but turns out not. Natalia went and dropped me from her great height and almost broke me!! In fact, she did break my led. How rude, I mean would you do that to me? Natalia groaned, “Now I have to get a new one.” She dropped me back in the box like she didn’t care. I was upset but at least I was back in the box. It had been an unbelievably busy day.

When Natalia dropped me, I felt taken back, shocked; I didn’t know what to feel – everything happened in such a rush. When I was in the box, I felt relaxed, much nicer. When Natalia was about to sharpen me I felt panic, fear, a shiver went through my bones like death was knocking on my door. Next time, I would probably try and slip into Natalia’s hand a bit more and not relax in the open. I could hide under another pencil and not get so worried! Would pray to every single thing on earth that this would never happen again!!!

I didn’t feel the same all day. At two points, I felt deathly fear. I mean almost sharpening me and dropping me!!! Even though, at the beginning, I felt relaxed.

I learned never ever to relax in the box without taking notice of what going on around me because I could easily get pick out the box!!!

Diary of a day in the life of a Highlighter – by Eleni

24th November 2017

Dear Pot,

Yesterday was the most stressful day of my LIFE! People were constantly pulling off my lid and one didn’t put my lid on! I was lying on the table for hours! In the morning, my lid was finally placed on my head… I had no idea what was happening! I felt terrified! I just could not believe it!  I was once the most popular, but now I cannot be used! I also felt like an old Granny! Help! The other highlighters were busy being unused. They felt very bored. They did not care a bit.

Maybe they were jealous that I was the cool one. When my lid was not on I felt terrified, I also felt very tired. If all the highlighters were very badly damaged the children would get told off for not doing things quickly.

I wish I was blue, and then I would not be so weak. If this was to happen again, I would try my best to stop people from pulling my lid off or l would go on strike and take a break.

This has taught me to always try my best to stop the most annoying people from pulling off my precious lid from my delicate head. I hope l get better soon…


Diary of a day of a life in a Pen – by Maisie

24th November 2017

Dear Star,

Yesterday yet again was one of the most miserable days of my whole life. I was still sitting underneath the bookshelf. Oh, I wish! Oh, I wish Maisie could find me under this old, dusty place. It’s been six whole hours and she has not found me. I mean, it’s been so long – it feels like it’s been years. I always come to thinking it’s the end of my life! I can still remember the last time she ever used me. It was when Mr. Alabie said, “For this lesson, you will not need your handwriting pens.” So Maisie put me on top of the bookshelf (which was a silly idea really) I then I fell off and someone kicked me and then I rolled under the bookshelf. When I was underneath the bookshelf I saw Mr. Glue Stick. I asked him, “How did you get here?” He said,” Well someone broke me and slipped me under here; how did you get down here?” I said, “Well, it’s a long story.”

At that point, it felt weird just sitting here in the silence waiting for something to happen to me. ALL my ink was drying up; I cannot bear it any longer. How will I ever get out of this old dusty place? I hadn’t been able to talk to anyone in a LONG time because someone found him (Mr. Glue Stick); he was so excited to be fixed. I thought hopefully Maisie will find me soon because I’m getting SO BORED AND TIRED I could barely speak.

If I could restart my whole life again I would definitely not let Maisie put me anywhere except her tray or her table box because she won’t lose me in them two S   P   A   C   E   S.

All day I felt the same way because it’s so boring here under the bookshelf. I felt so (NOW I MEAN SOOO) awfully depressed and annoyed at the same time because I felt very alone and angry that I was down there. Plus it’s very dark down there as well. I can’t wait if I get found because it’s gonna be like I’ve just been made it’s gonna like the new me. Plus it’s gonna be SOOO bright I’m gonna have to fix my eyes!

Oh, yesterday was a very miserable day; but I learned to be calm, relaxed and to not lose my temper.

Diary of a day in the life of a Ruler – by Sophia

24th November 2017

Dear Izzy,

Yesterday, was my favourite day because it was so quiet and I was only in a box and a box and a huge child named Natalia came and picked me up and ran a pencil along me the pencil tickled me and somehow it helped her draw a straight line and then she threw me on a table. Mrs. Chambers picked me up and gave me to Mr. Alabie and he slammed me on his desk.

I feel upset when everyone goes home because then I don’t get used and I like it when they go home so I get peace and quiet but I stay with Mr. Alabie until he goes home but he still uses me but not as much as he does in the day but he makes me feel great it is still nice that he uses me for drawing straight lines, angles, underlining, drawing boxes and drawing lines to show the class what to do and he uses me in every subject he does.

I would try to be used more and get the children to think that rulers are important for lines and straight lines. All I hear is Mr. Alabie saying that the class should remember to use a ruler when drawing a number line in their maths book and in any book.

The noise in the morning made me settle in and the quiet in the afternoon makes me sleepy. It makes me feel calm when I’m with Mr. Alabie. He normally uses me, but I have got my other friend who stays in the water bottle box and every morning she shouts Sophia how are you doing in the ruler box and I say I’m ok and how are you this morning? “Good I’m just staring at Maisie’s water bottle. I like her name do you like her name? yes, I do.

I learned that I needed to be patient and wait until someone uses me and Mr. Alabie picking me up all the time and Mr. Alabie needed to pick the other rulers and I’m not just special everyone is special and don’t forget the children they’re special too.


Diary of a day in the life of a pencil – by Jack M.

24th November 2017

Dear David,

Today was the most painful day of my life because Jack M. kept on using me in Topic, English, and Maths.

I felt like my life was slipping away because it hurt so much. Then Mr. Alabie came up to Jack and said “Nice neat writing Jack.” When I heard that, I felt so proud of myself that I could make Jack’s writing so neat. Then Jack said, “Thank you Mr. Alabie!” Even though it hurts being put through the blade, it made Jack’s day as well as mine. But I need to remind Jack to thank me for doing the whole job and if he doesn’t, I going on a strike.

“If this was to happen again, I would be as strong and as brave as I was and ok with what I’m gonna go through,” I said to sharpener, “I’m gonna have to remind Jack to thank me and smile at me when I’m working good; otherwise, I will stop working and do it for good.

Well today my feelings changed like I wanted to do! But it still hurt being put through Sharpener. I was strong and ok with what I went through today. I said to myself quietly, “Today I learned that I needed to be comfortable and ok, not a wimp,” and said to Sharpener, “so I don’t have to be sharpened many times.”

Yours sincerely,



Diary of a day in the life of a pencil – by Vincent

24th November 2017

Dear Domonic,

Today started with me lying down in the box, next to a light blue highlighter and under a pen; suddenly, the pen was put aside and I was grabbed tightly for some handwriting practice; annoyingly, I was being pressed against the surface of the paper for half an hour or more.

I was amazingly petrified by this catastrophe and I was greatly furious, but I, being a small pencil could not fight back. I was also full of boredom and curiosity about when I would be back in the box. I was deeply upset by this, so upset my led nearly shattered, thankfully it only cracked, so I was satisfied that I was in one piece but I was miserable the whole way through.

If this were to happen again, I would try to wriggle out of their hand, shout loudly, protest, move away from the paper, try to ruin their work and cry.

I was joyous and relieved when I finally arrived in the box, but during the day I felt like I was being killed slowly even though I wasn’t! My joy came to me from a lecture about me surviving the incident. Do you think you could cope if you had a day like mine?

I now know that I should stay unseen, or be grateful that I’m useful and try to get used to it. I might even try to get picked up so people learn and maybe even grow up to work in pencil factories. I think I might stand out if I do; I think it will be worth it, do you?


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