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School information

Drop-off and collection

At the beginning of the school day, parents and carers are encouraged to take their children to the classrooms and to make sure that they are settled and happy, particularly in the early years. There will always be activities or reading to do on arrival – there’s not a minute to waste, so please make sure your child is in class by 8.45am. At the end of the day, parents and carers should wait by the external classroom doors for their children. Please be there by 3 o’clock – if, for some reason you can’t get there, please let the school office know so that we can take care of your child appropriately.

Getting to school

To get to and from Greenmount, walking is definitely the best option. It’s by far the healthiest start to the day and is a very good way to relax after good day’s learning on the way home! It also makes it a safer environment for pedestrians and respects nearby residents and parking regulations. There is very limited parking near the school. We do have on-site storage for bikes and scooters, but please make sure that they’re padlocked if you choose to leave them during the day.

Charging and remissions

We follow the Isle of Wight policy –

Information for parents/carers:

There is much research that shows a strong correlation between high attendance and high attainment for all children. A recent publication from the Department for Education indicated that even missing a short amount of time from school can reduce every pupil’s chance of securing the grades they are capable of achieving.

Following the recent decision by the Isle of Wight magistrates that there was no case to answer against a father who removed his child from school for a holiday during term time, we wish to clarify for all our parents and carers both the current implications of this case; and the current position on absence from school particularly regarding holidays during term time.

The first is that:

1. The recent Isle of Wight magistrates decision did not set a legal precedent and therefore is not binding on future prosecutions .

2. Headteachers must continue to comply with the 2013 amendment to the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) (2006) Regulations 2013 which mean that they cannot authorise a leave of absence from school unless it is exceptional.

3. Parents/carers must comply with Section 444 of the Education Act 1996 that states that

“(1) If a child of compulsory school age who is a registered pupil at a school fails to attend regularly at the school, his parent is guilty of an offence.”

“(1A) If in the circumstances mentioned in subsection (1) the parent knows that his child is failing to attend regularly at the school and fails without reasonable justification to cause him to do so, he is guilty of an offence.”

Despite the recent decision it is the local education authority’s view that the legal position remains that parents and carers can be failing to comply with section 444 of the Education Act if their child has unauthorised absences even if those unauthorised absences are for a family holiday. As such all Local Authorities and their Headteachers must continue to follow the law on attendance and implement the government’s guidance around attendance. This remains the legal expectation for all education authorities, and supports children in attending their statutory entitlement of 190 days per year.

As a result our code of conduct currently remains unchanged.

It is of vital importance that all of us – the local authority, families, schools and children – do all we can to ensure children achieve the highest levels of attendance.

I have received a penalty notice, does the recent case affect whether I should pay?

If you have received a penalty notice regarding school attendance, you are expected to pay this within the statutory period as detailed within the paperwork issued, or you may be subject to legal action.