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Information for Parents / Carers


We are currently working with Governors, staff, parents and children to build a revised PTA group. Meeting dates are advertised on the PTA board in the front entrance.  All are welcome to attend.

Parent forum

We have had several parent forum meetings already taken place which have proved very valuable enabling parents and carers to share ideas and/or concerns about school which we have been able to act upon.  The next meeting is to be confirmed.

Golden Ticket

On a Wednesday of each week a child’s name from each class from Year 1 to Year 6 is randomly selected from the registers inviting the children to share all their work with a member of the Senior team.  During this session the children share work they have completed and are given the opportunity to share things that happen in school, such as do they find the teacher’s marking useful.  This information is then shared with staff to ensure that we are continued to improve teaching and learning across the school.  The feedback from the children is very positive with an element of ‘delight’ when finding the Golden Ticket in their tray on a Wednesday.  The session also provides parents an opportunity to give us feedback as we ask them to complete a short questionnaire about school, which when returned to school we can again act upon comments made.

Curriculum Information

Please find below a range of documents explaining the National Curriculum for Years 1 to 6.  For further information for the Reception year, please see EYFS within the curriculum section.

Parents guide national curriculum Parents_Guide_Year_1 Parents_Guide_Year_2 Parents_Guide_Year_3 Parents_Guide_Year_4 Parents_Guide_Year_5 Parents_Guide_Year_6