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Year 4 – Chagall – Mrs Woodford

Welcome to Chagall class page.  We hope that you will find all the information you need to know to help your child have a successful, valuable and happy time in Year 4.  This page provides some useful guidance to help your child through their time at Greenmount Primary School.

Weekly things to remember and general information:

Reading books: At Greenmount we encourage your child to read as wide a range of books and reading material as possible.  We also encourage the use of the local library and book shops.  Your commitment to hearing your child read is highly valued and it cannot be emphasized enough just how important and essential to ‘life long learning’ it is.  We are here to help and support you with this and we can offer a range of tips.

Please ensure that your child’s reading book and reading record are kept together and up to date in their book bags every day.  It is a commitment, so getting into a regular pattern is a good way to manage this.  Reading everyday is a set part of your child’s homework and routine, a minimum of 10-15 minutes.  We aim to change these books on a regular basis and if your child is a free reader then they are encouraged to change the book themselves.

Our school library time is on a Monday afternoon.

Learning times tables: Another valuable life changer!  Regular practice again is the best way.  Your child should be fluent in the 2, 5, 10 x tables and well on the way with 4’s.  By the time they exit lower key stage 2 they will need to be fluent in all multiplication tables to 12!  There is no time to waste – get them practiced on a regular basis.

PE: We have two specified weekly slots for PE where children will need to wear their full kit.  These are on a Monday afternoon and a Thursday afternoon.  However, there will be occasions when your child may well need their kit, so it is always advisable to bring their kit into school in a named PE bat.  Make sure all PE items are named.  This should include PE shirt, shorts, trainers, spare socks, track suit if cold weather.

Classroom Staff
<p><strong>Class Teacher:</strong><br />
Mrs Woodford</p>
<p><strong>Classroom Assistant:</strong><br />
Mrs Chambers</p>

Class Teacher:
Mrs Woodford

Classroom Assistant:
Mrs Chambers

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