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Year 3 – Millais – Ms Slesenger

Welcome to Millais’ Class page!

General information:

Class teacher: Ms Slesenger

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Wengenmair

Throughout the school reading is valued and in Year 3 this is no exception. We would like to encourage all the children in the school to read but especially those in classes Millais and Turner. Reading is the key! It is a lifelong skill and will support your child throughout their school education and beyond.


Homework is set half termly and is based around the topic for that time. It will be sent home stuck in a purple book and if you so wish you may then use this book to record your efforts.

Reading, your child will need to be heard read a minimum of 10 minutes each day. Please remember to sign the school reading diary.

Spellings, these will be sent home every week and follows the school programme.

X-tables, in Year 3 the expectation is that your child should be fluent in 2s, 5s and 10s when they begin the year. By the time they are ready for Year 4 this should include 3s, 4s, 6s, 8s and 9s. Your support at home in learning these  is invaluable.

Click on the links below to access the homework.

Welcome to our last term at school!

Summer 3:2wellies3-1fzqkiw

Homework- Click on the link Summer term – Year 3 Where My Wellies Take Me

Our new topic for Summer 3:1 is: ‘Where My Wellies Take Me

Key text: Where My Wellies Take Me, by Michael Morpurgo.


AEldredOliviaLomenechGill1737     Page-from-Where-My-Wellie-002

We have already planned in some exciting local walks and trips to link in with our Science unit of rocks and fossils. We will be learning about the local environment, looking at maps and how recycling can play a big part in keeping animals safe in the ocean.



REMEMBER: we are still collecting plastic bottle tops for our art project.bottle-tops





Summer 3:1

Homework- Spring 2  To be given in on April 25th 

Our continued topic for part of Summer 3:1 is: ‘The Romans are coming!

As our Romans topic has been so fantastic, we are continuing for a few more weeks!

On Wednesday 13th April, we visited Brading Roman Villa!

Click on the Year 3 News or here to see our exciting day.

Brading Roman Villa 033 Brading Roman Villa 037 Brading Roman Villa 036 Brading Roman Villa 022 Brading Roman Villa 017 Brading Roman Villa 005 Brading Roman Villa 046    Brading Roman Villa 045

Well done to…

Leon from our class has been very bust at home! He has been taking part in Mathletics activities and earning lots of points!

He has also created this fantastic Lego animation!

Homework- Spring 2 

Our new topic for Spring 2:2 is: ‘The Romans are coming!

Key text: Non-fiction writing15936743-Legionnaire-on-a-white-background-Stock-Vector-roman-soldier-cartoon

Click here to access the BBC Bitesize website, with lots of videos and fun facts about the Romans. If you really want to, you can find out how they went to toilet!

Click here to have a look at the BBC’s Primary History page, full of facts, activities, videos, pictures and more information about Boudica’s rebellion!

Key questions to think about:

Were all invasions bad?

What did the Romans leave behind in Britain?

What was their legacy in Europe?

Boudica Vs the Romans-Which side would you be on?

Newport Roman Villa 1.3.16 039 Newport Roman Villa 1.3.16 035 Newport Roman Villa 1.3.16 019


We have been learning about plants in Science and the we have really enjoyed watching our own plants grow.

Look at our planting photosplant-care-thumb on the Year 3 news page.

Click on this link here to learn more about pollination, the transportation of water in plants and seed dispersal.


February 2016:

Emperor Claudius arrived!

We discussed whether Claudius should invade Britain. We had to be his advisor’s and try to convince him to go and invade OR not to invade!

Which would he choose?!

 24.2.16 Claudius 082   24.2.16 Claudius 083     

Homework-Spring 1medusa1

Our new topic for Spring 2:1 is: ‘Telling Tales

Key text: Theseus and the Minotaur, Daedalus and Icarus and many more myths and legends.

Click on the link here to explore and learn about myths and legends.mandl_header (1)

January 2016: Check out our New Year’s Resolutions!

January 2016:

Theseus and the Minotaur

Look at our fantastic story maps of Theseus and the Minotaur! We also collaged some scary minotaurs!

Greek myths and legends 004

Greek myths and legends 005 Greek myths and legends 006Greek myths and legends 001

February 2016:


Medusa and the Minotaur have been spotted in Millais class!

(Created by our very own artists Sienna, Leon and Amelie!)

Medusa! 0013.2.16 001  5.2.16 0065.2.16 007



2.2.16      Calling Tim Peake!    

This afternoon, we watched Tim Peake in the International Space Station through the Cosmic Classroom broadcast!

It was really exciting! We watched him float around doing different stretches and he showed us what he could do with water bubbles!

Tim Peake 002 Tim Peake 001Tim Peake 008 Tim Peake 004

We also wrote our own letters to Tim, asking things we wanted to find out.

Tim Peake 006    3.2.16 004   3.2.16 003 Tim Peake 007


February 2016:


Click here to see our problem solving in Maths!


February 2016:


This week we are learning about how Chinese people celebrate Chinese New Year.

Click here to see what we have been up to or look in the Year 3 News at the bottom of the page!




Homework-Autumn 2

Our topic for Autumn 1:2 is: ‘Under the cover of darkness’fantastic mr fox

Key text: Fantastic Mr Fox, by Roald Dahl




In Science, this half term, we have been learning about light! We made our own Fantastic Mr Fox shadow puppets and acted out parts of the story.

We saw how the puppets blocked the light, as light travels in straight lines and created shadows on the sheet.

Shadows and sports assembly 002 Shadows and sports assembly 003 Shadows and sports assembly 004 Shadows and sports assembly 024 Shadows and sports assembly 027

Homework-Autumn 1

Our topic for Autumn 1:1 is: ‘The writings on the wall

Key text: Stig of the Dump, by Clive King

As part of our topic, we learnt about the Stone Age. We went on a fantastic trip to Stonehenge!

Stonehenge 14.10.15 094  Stonehenge 14.10.15 071  Stonehenge 14.10.15 067

Stonehenge 14.10.15 037  Stonehenge 14.10.15 028  Stonehenge 14.10.15 089

Even Miss Kirby had a brilliant time!

Stonehenge 14.10.15 117  Stonehenge 14.10.15 120


Caterlink took over the school menu in September and would love to know how they are doing. If you have time, please click on the link below to complete their survey. Many thanks https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/KD5K62B  


Dear Parents & Carers of Children in KS2, We are delighted to be able to share some further information about our trip to Chichester Festival Theatre on Tuesday 19th December. We started to organise this trip in the Summer Term 2017 and now that the tickets have arrived in school, we can share details about […]