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Welcome to Greenmount Primary School

Welcome to Greenmount Primary School’s website – I hope it will provide you with the information you need and a sense of what we do.  Greenmount is a growing school and occupies a beautiful site at the edge of Ryde on the Isle of Wight. We have two reception classes and can accommodate 60 children each year. We share our site with Greenmount Pre School which is led and managed by the school’s Governing Body for the local community. This means that children can be educated and cared for at Greenmount from the age of two until they are ready to begin secondary schooling at eleven.

We aim to provide a stimulating, caring, safe environment for all of our children and their families, for our staff, volunteers and governors. We strive to offer a wide range of stimulating and exciting learning opportunities to support and challenge the learning community at Greenmount to persevere, achieve success and develop skills and attitudes to live full and rewarding lives.

The children who come to Greenmount should expect to –

  • Be able to grow and develop in safety, free from prejudice and discrimination
  • Be listened to and have their views taken into account
  • Be treated with respect and kindness, and show that respect and kindness to others
  • Belong to and be valued in their community
  • See their needs and interests at the heart of all that we do
  • Work hard, persevere and benefit from belonging

At Greenmount, we encourage each other to approach learning and development with a growth mindset; a belief that talents can be developed and great abilities can be built over time and that effort and perseverance create success. We encourage resilience and view mistakes as opportunities to learn and gain valuable feedback on our efforts. An important part of the work of the school is to develop children’s ability to think about how they learn and to take responsibility for their progress and development.

I believe firmly that we can only achieve the best for your child by close co-operation between home and school. There are many opportunities for you to share in your child’s education and we are always available to talk to you about any aspect of your child’s development and experience at school.

I hope you find this website useful and that it reflects the essence of Greenmount – a school community that works hard, loves learning and strives to provide the very best for its children.


Yours sincerely,

Richard May

Head teacher